Innovative strategies for local government management

Local development and strategic management of municipal development on the basis of cultural heritage

The municipality in the process of implementing the principle of sustainable development

The influence of state policy on local development

Determinants of local government investment expenditure

Management of operational and investment activity of local self-governments in Poland

Communication accessibility of local government centres

The market for IT services in support of local government units

Cooperation of the municipality with the economic environment and science

Participation of territorial self-government units in international self-governmental cooperation

The Community Dimension of Local Self-Government – Reality and Expectations


Instruments for maintaining financial stability of local self-government units

Regulation of the financial law in relation to the individual debt ratio of local self-government units

The significance of revenues from local fees in the financing of municipalities

Stability of public finance in Poland and the EU

The role of local finance in overcoming socio-economic inequalities


Socio-economic development of the municipality and community activity

Municipal economic activity

Can a commune be an entrepreneur?

Economic activity of local government units

Assessment of the availability of medical services in local government units

Implementation of public tasks of local government units in the framework of public-private partnership


Communal social infrastructure systems

The role of social infrastructure in sustainable rural development

Social innovations in territorial self-government units

Diversification of social development in municipalities /with selected examples/

Importance of social capital in sustainable municipal development

Space for the development of education and social entrepreneurship based on local resources

Social participation in local development