On Monday, January 9, a letter of intent was signed, under which the Cracow University of Economics and the City and Municipality of Wieliczka will cooperate in the organization of an international Conference entitled “Local Government 6.0. Social Development, Economic Services, Modern Finance,” which will be held in the month of June 2023 in Wieliczka. The agreement was signed by Prof. Dr. Stanislaw Mazur – Rector of the Cracow University of Economics and the Mayor of Wieliczka Mr Artur Kozioł. According to the provisions of the letter, the University offers substantive support in determining the program and the implementation of discussion panels during the Scientific Conference, of which the City and Municipality of Wieliczka remains the organizer.

“I am glad that, as the Cracow University of Economics, we are developing and deepening cooperation not only with the business sector, but also with the local government, of which the agreement signed today is a perfect example. The City and Municipality of Wieliczka is a beautiful place with enormous potential. I am certain that the cooperation initiated today will continue, bringing further noteworthy initiatives” – emphasized the Rector of the University of Economics Prof. Dr. Stanislaw Mazur.

As the Mayor of Wieliczka pointed out during the meeting: “The agreement we are signing today – concerning the joint organization of the next conference in June 2023 – is a very important moment from the point of view of the cooperation between representatives of science and local government. It is also another step to strengthen cooperation between the University of Economics and the City of Wieliczka, which has always in its history built and supported university centers, fulfilling very important obligations towards the world of science and towards students.

When we talk about the future of local government in the perspective of the next decades, it is crucial to remember its essence and function in the last three decades – efficient management and organization of the life of local communities of cities and municipalities. Building local government, a strong representation of residents, has established the foundations of a strong democratic country. The International Conference entitled “Local Government 6.0. Social Development, Economic Services, Modern Finance” will strengthen the process of building local communities through the presence of representatives of the world of science, chambers of commerce and representatives of local governments.”

It is worth mentioning that Prof. Stanisław Mazur was a guest and speaker at the International Conference entitled Economics – Finance – Management, held in Wieliczka last year.

The meeting at the Cracow University of Economics was attended by the Dean of the College of Management and Quality Sciences of UEK, Prof. Bernard Ziebicki, PhD, Agnieszka Szczepaniak Deputy Mayor for Social Affairs in Wieliczka, Magdalena Golonka – Director of the Department of Culture, Sport and Social Communication in Wieliczka.